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Winner is: Andy Fruin

Ticket number: 470

Congratulations to Andy Fruin from Lindfield!

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Exclusive 1914 Sunbeam Experience with Tim & Wendy

Competition History

Competition has finished

Competition winner is: Andy Fruin

Date User Ticket number
4th April 2024 3:32 pmRoland H Grant1736
4th April 2024 12:34 pmbton99422
4th April 2024 12:01 pmVic Duffett1855
4th April 2024 11:43 amDAVID OSWIN131
3rd April 2024 11:07 pmJulian Hatherall2479
3rd April 2024 9:18
3rd April 2024 8:04 pmjwstrachan1026
3rd April 2024 6:55 pmrjmworthing472
3rd April 2024 6:48 pmdaypaul315
3rd April 2024 6:32 pmguyholmes790
3rd April 2024 6:31 pmPeter Chiverton33
3rd April 2024 6:03 pmthomasb.cole785
3rd April 2024 5:38 pmJennifer Hodgson2470
3rd April 2024 5:35 pmAlastair Boles1666
3rd April 2024 5:30 pmKevin Parsons2090
3rd April 2024 5:24 pmNick Jones900
3rd April 2024 5:20 pmtandjlaw1549
3rd April 2024 5:19 pmGavin Bilyard711
3rd April 2024 5:16 pmGlyn Davies554
3rd April 2024 5:15 pmnkw7814
3rd April 2024 5:11 pmpeteratchison826
3rd April 2024 5:06 pmBrian Lewis671
3rd April 2024 5:04 pmdavid-3124398
2nd April 2024 5:51 pmAndy Fruin470
30th March 2024 11:03 pmericmein1966177
30th March 2024 6:09 pmPaul Butler153
30th March 2024 2:00 pmalexandernewtonhall.oyc559
30th March 2024 10:58 amcolchap1535
28th March 2024 6:54 pmjozsefbotzheim2489
28th March 2024 9:32 amstannardpeter151257
26th March 2024 9:39 pmTimothy Keeling65
26th March 2024 7:54 pmMr S Bland257
23rd March 2024 5:34 pmlouismorgan161010
23rd March 2024 3:53 pmrichardnailor1212
23rd March 2024 2:08 pmdavedavies_sue547
23rd March 2024 1:59 pmdavedavies_sue-7260912
22nd March 2024 9:08 ammikeelovegrove463
21st March 2024 11:25 pmjasonnuttall1114
21st March 2024 7:45 pmsteve.h.partridge924
21st March 2024 6:59 pmDavid Sparrow1407
19th March 2024 9:41 pmmikeparsons825
19th March 2024 8:52 amLinda Brogan1506
17th March 2024 6:47 pmjasoncew836
16th March 2024 12:55 pmjames.clark55791151
16th March 2024 8:40 amawinscom2181
15th March 2024 8:14 pmRobert Grahame2328
14th March 2024 8:17 pmmark.rolinson464
14th March 2024 12:35 pmchris.pearcey2071
14th March 2024 12:20 amStuart Aldrich857
13th March 2024 7:13 pmroomconsultants874
13th March 2024 6:46 pmJohn.T25
13th March 2024 3:25 pmtimbo13321957
13th March 2024 1:44 pmcolin.juniper2207
12th March 2024 2:14 pmkevinalex19612044
12th March 2024 8:52 amMark Edward Preece1920
11th March 2024 8:41 pmamb45652453
10th March 2024 5:35 pmstephen.williams91864
10th March 2024 8:16 amEmma White409
9th March 2024 9:21 pmepaulj2141
9th March 2024 5:10 pmPhilMac1316
8th March 2024 10:47 pmKevin Patrick1022
8th March 2024 6:46 pmJohn Plummer2228
8th March 2024 5:32 pmgdnuk2389
8th March 2024 1:01 pmMike1795
8th March 2024 11:08 amrichard.fifield652312
7th March 2024 4:06 pmroblong2141069
7th March 2024 11:57 amIan Bertie1297
7th March 2024 8:34 amTony Baczynski817
6th March 2024 10:14 pm1959smw1980
6th March 2024 9:36 pmhodge4ever299
6th March 2024 6:25 pmbakerelectrical2292
6th March 2024 3:42 pmian.leedham50519
6th March 2024 12:05 pmmartin-0816594
6th March 2024 9:56 amsteve_dando1917
6th March 2024 8:00 amstephennxn726
5th March 2024 10:53 pmrja19991083
5th March 2024 8:47 pmGraham succamore1000
5th March 2024 8:06 pmpqdawson1221
5th March 2024 7:50 pmtimballoon366
5th March 2024 7:00 pmCompetition started

About This Competition

Embark on a Timeless Journey: Exclusive 1914 Sunbeam Experience with Tim & Wendy

Seize this opportunity to travel back in time aboard a magnificent 1914 Sunbeam, an icon of Edwardian engineering and elegance. Hosted by Tim and Wendy, this exclusive experience promises not just a ride, but a passage through history on a summer’s day, culminating in a delightful picnic for two amidst the picturesque countryside.

A Marvel of Its Time:

Our 1914 Sunbeam stands as a testament to the pinnacle of early 20th-century innovation, once serving the Royal Flying Corps during WWI. We often ponder the stories of those brave young men who rode in her, on their way to battle in the skies. With its 3-litre flat-four engine, original aesthetics, and a rich history that includes participation in the Coronation celebrations, this Sunbeam offers more than just a ride—it offers an experience steeped in history and heroism.

Your Adventure Awaits:

Your afternoon begins with a serene drive through country lanes, lasting approximately an hour and a half, in our meticulously maintained Sunbeam. Revel in the car’s original paintwork and leather upholstery, which tell tales of a bygone era, as you glide at a leisurely pace to a fabulous picnic location. Here, amidst tranquility, enjoy a sumptuous picnic prepared just for you and your partner. Opt for a gentle stroll along the river Chelmer, or simply bask in the serene environment, before being chauffeured back at your leisure.

This isn’t just an outing; it’s an exclusive chance to live a piece of history, an experience that money can’t buy, and a memory to cherish forever. We eagerly anticipate sharing this unforgettable afternoon with you.

Exclusive 1914 Sunbeam Experience with Tim & Wendy

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