There’s no better entrant than the Triumph Stag for those who are either established classic car enthusiasts or, are starting to dip their toes into these waters. Originally having production between 1970 and 1978 from the Triumph Motor Company, its objective was to be a sports car and a road trip car for the European market. It has a storied history that still makes it one of the most sought-after classic cars even today.

Legendary design

One of the primary reasons for its desirability is that the design of this car is so classic 1970s. Its design was by Italian stylist Giovanni Michelotti. He didn’t know it at the time, but it would make this car a staple timeless classic. It exudes exactly the type of car that would be driving through the beautiful backdrops throughout Europe on a summer excursion. Also, one of it’s objectives was to compete with the Mercedes Benz convertible at the time. 

The interior gives off a vintage vibe with attention to detail. Offering attractive items such as wood panelling which was popular at the time. If you’re able to get the original production, the seats are extremely comfortable and they look fantastic as well. 

Not the best manufacturing 

Ironically, the design was one of the best in the era. However, poor quality control had an adverse effect on the manufacturing of these cars. Deemed a car to ride out in the open, it was prone to overheating. It was also too heavy in comparison to its relative counterparts to even have consideration as a proper sports car. 

The engine itself had a design way ahead of its time. But when it came to production, revisions and additions were made to the 3 litre V8. These included the expansion tank and a flimsy chain that was prone to excessive wear and tear. 

This meant an engine too big for the car and not enough coolant. In turn, this became one of the major complaints about the Triumph Stag. Yet as every good classic car enthusiast knows, there are plenty of ways to fix this beauty and have it growling like a tiger and still look beautiful. 

The Triumph Stag is still rare 

Currently, there are only around 1500 remaining on record that exist. There aren’t many choices to choose from, but there are still some that are in the original racing red colour which is a dream find. 

With updates to fix some of its manufacturing and quality control issues, it makes the Triumph Stag one of the most sought-after classic cars on the market out there today. That’s why it can still fetch a decent penny, from several thousand to over £19,000. This is all depending on the condition it’s in, however, versus how much of the original car is there. 

So, if you ever find yourself looking at one of these beauties and you’re in the market to add to your car collection, snap one of these up when you can. They’re great to work on and when they’re road-ready, you’ll be using them as your primary mode of transportation whenever you can. 

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