1978 MG Midget

After the closing time and date of the scheduled competition has passed, we publish all participants’ names and ticket numbers.

Name Purchase Date Ticket
November 29th 0
Peter R November 28th 583
Peter R November 28th 436
Peter R November 28th 741
Peter R November 28th 1005
Peter R November 28th 1540
Peter R November 28th 1587
Peter R November 28th 1725
Peter R November 28th 1915
Robert S November 28th 540
Alan L November 28th 459
Alan L November 28th 272
Dan J November 28th 798
Dan J November 28th 1120
Dan J November 28th 1474
Dan J November 28th 1745
Dan J November 28th 1377
Oliver L November 28th 1166
Oliver L November 28th 1424
Oliver L November 28th 1516
Oliver L November 28th 1581
Oliver L November 28th 1679
Martin H November 28th 1062
Jordan P November 28th 2178
Jordan P November 28th 1248
Jordan P November 28th 853
Jordan P November 28th 703
William M November 28th 570
William M November 28th 2019
William M November 28th 1099
Edward G November 28th 1710
Edward G November 28th 843
Nigel S November 28th 1699
Nigel S November 28th 1141
Stephen C November 28th 1067
Stephen C November 28th 628
Stephen C November 28th 783
Stephen C November 28th 916
Stephen C November 28th 1245
Stephen C November 28th 128
Oliver L November 28th 2101
Oliver L November 28th 1656
Oliver L November 28th 236
David C November 28th 1566
Kelly S November 28th 1399
Kelly S November 28th 723
Kelly S November 28th 6
Colin J November 28th 610
Colin J November 28th 1550
Colin J November 28th 1662
Ausra D November 28th 1159
Ausra D November 28th 713
Richard M November 28th 1694
Richard M November 28th 1054
Rob S November 28th 1576
Karl R November 28th 1549
Karl R November 28th 1150
Simon S November 28th 860
Simon S November 28th 1260
Dean P November 28th 1361
Julian N November 28th 1206
Julian N November 28th 301
Martin M November 28th 1732
Jack S November 28th 117
Jack S November 28th 143
Jack S November 28th 1341
Jack S November 28th 1970
Jack S November 28th 2052
Gyongyi V November 28th 1293
Gyongyi V November 28th 1241
Gyongyi V November 28th 786
Gyongyi V November 28th 730
Gyongyi V November 28th 335
Colin P November 28th 815
Colin P November 28th 865
Colin P November 28th 2188
Christopher P November 28th 1857
Christopher P November 28th 1367
Jordan P November 28th 2193
Jordan P November 28th 1270
Rob S November 28th 828
Phil S November 28th 1138
Alan L November 28th 482
Paul M November 28th 94
Scott C November 28th 1602
Ken F November 28th 2027
Ken F November 28th 1048
Ken F November 28th 924
Steve T November 28th 1086
Steve T November 28th 601
Graham H November 28th 1480
Graham H November 28th 229
Simon G November 28th 2184
Simon G November 28th 425
Luke R November 28th 1850
David B November 27th 917
Andy C November 27th 132
Kelvin G November 27th 1085
Kelvin G November 27th 2150
Paul B November 27th 1171
Jon G November 27th 360
Patrick R November 27th 391
Andrew C November 27th 1426
Richard F November 27th 1555
Richard F November 27th 573
Jeff B November 27th 297
Alastair G November 27th 1107
Alastair G November 27th 1017
Robert M November 27th 1750
Robert M November 27th 1053
Robert M November 27th 1883
Alan L November 27th 1358
Richard B November 27th 1812
Richard B November 27th 1220
Bruce C November 27th 670
Bruce C November 27th 1861
Luke R November 27th 651
Peter A November 26th 1976
Peter A November 26th 1042
Simon S November 26th 1636
Simon S November 26th 693
John B November 26th 1308
John B November 26th 2091
John B November 26th 2170
Colin Y November 26th 2085
Colin Y November 26th 701
Peter S November 26th 1452
Stephen P November 26th 1204
jonathan s November 26th 1142
Richard T November 26th 91
Richard T November 26th 364
Andrew p November 26th 1251
Andrew p November 26th 5
Sam P November 26th 1450
Sam P November 26th 1350
Alan L November 26th 1063
Jack S November 25th 653
Jack S November 25th 688
Jack S November 25th 1012
Jack S November 25th 1495
Jack S November 25th 1820
Jack S November 25th 1939
Alan L November 25th 35
Johnny L November 25th 911
Martin M November 25th 997
Robert L November 25th 413
John F November 25th 566
Alexander M November 25th 1439
Alexander M November 25th 1381
Alexander M November 25th 437
Karl R November 25th 1172
Karl R November 25th 616
James C November 25th 44
James C November 25th 1342
James C November 25th 2164
Alexander M November 25th 1609
David S November 25th 145
john l November 25th 1775
Mcfetridge I November 24th 226
Paul B November 24th 650
Roger R November 24th 1387
Alan L November 24th 1227
sean W November 24th 519
IVAN M November 24th 1560
IVAN M November 24th 728
Paul B November 24th 1082
Donald M November 24th 1061
Donald M November 24th 1733
Donald M November 24th 1910
James L November 24th 1590
James L November 24th 361
Anthony C November 24th 989
John J November 24th 1214
John J November 24th 1292
John J November 24th 1770
John J November 24th 1386
John J November 24th 1967
John J November 24th 201
John J November 24th 613
John J November 24th 710
John J November 24th 755
John J November 24th 994
richard p November 24th 1607
richard p November 24th 97
Paul A November 24th 525
Paul A November 24th 497
David W November 23rd 649
Alan L November 23rd 1546
Sam O November 23rd 1334
Sam O November 23rd 1070
Kevin G November 23rd 1298
Kevin G November 23rd 1223
Kevin G November 23rd 1125
Kevin G November 23rd 1094
Kevin G November 23rd 1009
Kevin G November 23rd 896
Kevin G November 23rd 844
Kevin G November 23rd 692
Kevin G November 23rd 189
Kevin G November 23rd 1353
Kevin G November 23rd 1389
Kevin G November 23rd 2102
Kevin G November 23rd 2045
Kevin G November 23rd 1994
Kevin G November 23rd 1849
Kevin G November 23rd 1821
Kevin G November 23rd 1794
Kevin G November 23rd 1760
Kevin G November 23rd 1641
Kevin G November 23rd 1493
David S November 22nd 1395
Jack S November 21st 2065
Jack S November 21st 1419
Jack S November 21st 1382
Alan L November 21st 296
Stewart G November 20th 888
Oliver L November 20th 29
Bob S November 20th 1456
Martin M November 20th 2031
richard s November 19th 182
Rob C November 19th 1246
David B November 18th 1503
richard p November 18th 177
richard p November 18th 392
richard p November 18th 1826
JOHN M November 18th 1981
Tim L November 18th 1552
Alan L November 17th 2210
Simon T November 17th 1774
Simon T November 17th 28
Alex C November 17th 2157
Alex C November 17th 1406
Alex C November 17th 1217
Steve J November 16th 643
Martin H November 16th 1340
Francis C November 15th 2172
Paul M November 15th 627
richard s November 15th 939
Moore H November 15th 197
Frederick O November 14th 2125
Frederick O November 14th 1064
Bruce C November 14th 203
Simon T November 14th 1045
Len P November 14th 2087
Andrew C November 11th 266
Andrew C November 11th 682
Andrew C November 11th 796
Andrew C November 11th 1252
Andrew C November 11th 1946
Alan L November 11th 66
Robert L November 11th 1209
Max E November 11th 976
David C November 8th 192
Stephen P November 8th 136
Joseph S November 7th 2029
Joseph S November 7th 390
Dave T November 7th 220
Matty M November 7th 2008
Robert L November 7th 981
Jack S November 5th 1222
Jack S November 5th 1680
Jack S November 5th 1888
Alan L November 4th 608
Ryan F November 2nd 605
Ryan F November 2nd 343
Ryan F November 2nd 230
Brett V November 2nd 185
Sam T November 1st 1190
Robert L November 1st 1978
Robert L November 1st 1002
Robert L November 1st 474
Rakesh T October 31st 1644
Alan L October 30th 339
Milton C October 29th 1393
Colin J October 29th 1748
Scott W October 29th 2166
Scott W October 29th 1620
Scott W October 29th 919
Scott W October 29th 254
Scott W October 29th 215
Tim L October 28th 298
Tim L October 28th 319
Tim L October 28th 404
Tim L October 28th 1431
Tim L October 28th 1537
Ken F October 28th 1867
Ken F October 28th 1104
Charlie C October 27th 816
Andrew p October 26th 1734
Andrew p October 26th 706
Colin Y October 25th 163
Colin Y October 25th 71
King D October 24th 1180
Terry N October 24th 2153
Luckin V October 24th 224
Sharon Elizabeth B October 23rd 1375
martin f October 23rd 1215
Nigel C October 23rd 1281
Ken F October 23rd 2004
Ken F October 23rd 387
Ken F October 23rd 34
Paul A October 23rd 11
Nigel N October 23rd 337
Ellard M October 22nd 840
Bill W October 21st 550
Ian C October 21st 207
Donald M October 21st 87
Donald M October 21st 822
Donald M October 21st 1124
Donald M October 21st 1848
Donald M October 21st 2011
Keith P October 20th 1580
Ron C October 20th 36
Colin Y October 20th 1533
Colin Y October 20th 1492
Simon C October 19th 1339
Christopher V October 19th 1335
Grant P October 19th 171
Stuart D October 19th 1618
Paul B October 19th 2097
Colin J October 18th 1165
William H October 18th 923
Garry S October 17th 1916
Garry S October 17th 1635
Steve B October 17th 801
Steve B October 17th 1531
Steve B October 17th 1795
Alan L October 17th 283
Jim B October 17th 873
Colin P October 17th 1535
John B October 16th 2014
John B October 16th 1369
David C October 16th 1398
Nigel M October 16th 2165
Jones D October 15th 256
John T October 14th 1489
Paul C October 13th 2025
Paul C October 13th 1832
Paul C October 13th 1184
John F October 13th 1093
Lewis G October 13th 2198
Lewis G October 13th 1213
Lewis G October 13th 681
Gareth J October 12th 1433
Gary H October 12th 410
david c October 12th 142
david c October 12th 615
david c October 12th 1224
Thomas K October 12th 534
Thomas K October 12th 39
JOHN M October 12th 1667
JOHN M October 12th 1273
David I October 11th 634
Thomas C October 10th 490
Thomas C October 10th 303
Thomas C October 10th 510
Oliver L October 10th 747
Lee S October 10th 769
Kevin D October 10th 1834
Kevin D October 10th 554
David W October 10th 299
Alex C October 9th 902
Alex C October 9th 864
Alex C October 9th 122
Robert L October 9th 1449
Alan L October 8th 1592
Joe M October 7th 205
laura p October 7th 43
Guy B October 7th 2196
John C October 7th 656
Paul M October 7th 1284
Kevin J October 6th 69
Kevin J October 6th 407
Kevin J October 6th 638
Richard M October 6th 1564
Howard T September 21st 1482
Anne E September 20th 954
Lewis C September 17th 109
Lewis C September 17th 165
Lewis C September 17th 523
Lewis C September 17th 824
Lewis C September 17th 1037
Lewis C September 17th 1015
Lewis C September 17th 1101
Lewis C September 17th 1749
Lewis C September 17th 1924
Lewis C September 17th 1928
Jason P September 7th 214
Jason P September 7th 790
Ben J September 1st 992
Robert L September 1st 218
Paul K August 31st 1957
Matthew H August 29th 738
Struan W August 27th 743
Struan W August 27th 2105
James L August 26th 1328
IVAN M August 26th 55
Jonathan V August 26th 1056
Shaun B August 26th 1814
Ashley E August 26th 23
Gordon S August 25th 563
Gordon S August 25th 588
Gordon S August 25th 654
Gordon S August 25th 1623
Gordon S August 25th 1763
Gordon S August 25th 1777
Gordon S August 25th 1900
Gordon S August 25th 1940
Gordon S August 25th 2115
Gordon S August 25th 85
Gordon S August 25th 190
Gordon S August 25th 334
Gordon S August 25th 685
Gordon S August 25th 705
Gordon S August 25th 794
Gordon S August 25th 837
Gordon S August 25th 842
Gordon S August 25th 855
Gordon S August 25th 897
Gordon S August 25th 985
Gordon S August 25th 1197
Gordon S August 25th 1203
Gordon S August 25th 1236
Gordon S August 25th 618
Gordon S August 25th 603
Gordon S August 25th 1443
Gordon S August 25th 101
Gordon S August 25th 180
Gordon S August 25th 267
Gordon S August 25th 449
Gordon S August 25th 460
Gordon S August 25th 491
Gordon S August 25th 499
Gordon S August 25th 547
Gordon S August 25th 595
Gordon S August 25th 597
Gordon S August 25th 1345
Gordon S August 25th 1347
Gordon S August 25th 1914
Gordon S August 25th 1950
Gordon S August 25th 1971
Gordon S August 25th 2035
Gordon S August 25th 2044
Gordon S August 25th 2064
Gordon S August 25th 2176
Gordon S August 25th 2182
Gordon S August 25th 2185
Gordon S August 25th 2217
Gordon S August 25th 1844
Gordon S August 25th 1839
Gordon S August 25th 1739
Gordon S August 25th 1390
Gordon S August 25th 1428
Gordon S August 25th 63
Gordon S August 25th 1455
Gordon S August 25th 1574
Gordon S August 25th 1588
Gordon S August 25th 1632
Gordon S August 25th 1682
Gordon S August 25th 1686
Gordon S August 25th 1687
Gordon S August 25th 2222