Why are classic car enthusiasts even a thing?

To better understand the popularity of classic cars and the rise in classic car enthusiasts, we want to see exactly what makes a car classic? There is a range of different definitions out there, but basically, the car has to be of a certain age.

If a car starts to be around 20 to 25 years old, it starts to fall into the classic car category.

There are some limitations to that as well, and it doesn’t mean every car that’s older than that is a classic car. There’s a lower limit of cars that are made from 1955 and onward that people deem classic. Anything that goes earlier than that falls into a completely different type of category listing and are known for their rarity and history.

Classic Car Enthusiasts Appreciate the Simpler Time

Nowadays, if a time traveller were to take a look at our cars today, they may feel as if they are science fiction. However, they also may feel as if we’ve made vehicles today simply overcomplicated.

Classic cars are from an era of simplicity with excellent engineering. There’s a driving wheel, a dashboard, and a gear shift. Maybe some might have a radio, but that’s it. That leaves for a more luxurious ride and about enjoying riding the car for what it is. This is as opposed to simply trying to get from point A to point B.

Classic car enthusiasts appreciate the time when style was more important

Actual designers literally created classic cars with the mission to look and feel great, versus how aerodynamic or efficient they were. Classic cars thus look fantastic and timeless in many cases. They were about accentuating the shape to stand out in the case of roadsters. Added to that was taking the time to have fine Italian stitched leather for the seating on the inside, with wooden panels to offset the colouring. Their shapes and styles also made cars look significantly different and more distinct than other cars.

Not as expensive as one may think

You may think classic cars are a huge initial investment and a big money sink with maintenance, but it’s quite the contrary. Yes, some classic cars, especially in the Ferrari region, can be excessively expensive. However, that is the exception, not the norm. In many cases, you can pick up many classic cars for several thousand pounds and well under £20,000.

The maintenance itself is also not that complicated. Several enthusiasts have worked to keep an ample supply of classic car parts readily available, depending on the model’s popularity. Yet since these were not overly complex machines, to begin with, if you’re an amateur mechanic, you should have no issues with keeping it road worthy on your own.

It’s a great hobby

For those who love vehicles in general, it’s a fantastic hobby to view classic cars and acquire and maintain them. You’re able to get a sense of how things were in a different era. You can also enjoy a time when we thought of cars in a different way than simply an engineered workhorse.